How to get bigger on social media in a natural way


As marketers, we're always looking for ways to increase engagement on social media. It's not uncommon to see brands trying some crazy stunts to get more likes and shares, but do they work? In this post I'll outline a few strategies that work naturally over time instead of relying on gimmicks or tricks that won't last.

Create polls that keep the conversation going

Polls are a great way to keep the conversation going. They can also be used as an engagement tool and increase the number of followers you have on social media.

As you know, polls can be used to collect data from your audience and get feedback on what they think about your posts or products. But did you know that polls can also help increase engagement? And this is important because more engagement means more likes, shares, comments and followers--all things that make a post popular on social media!

Answer questions with a video Q&A.

●  Answer questions with a video Q&A.

●  Keep the conversation going.

●  Use a video Q&A to answer questions.

There are two ways to do this: live or pre-recorded. If you're doing it live, set up your camera and record yourself answering questions in front of it (you can even use your smartphone). Then share the recording on Facebook or Twitter as soon as possible after posting it so people who missed it get a chance to see it! If you prefer pre-recorded videos over live ones, create one by setting up some time during which there won't be any distractions (e.g., getting ready for bed) and filming yourself answering all of their most pressing queries while staring directly into the lens--no looking away or anything like that!

Keep the conversation going on all your channels.

So, you've built your following and it's time to start engaging with them.

●  Be responsive: Respond to comments and questions in a timely manner. Don't let the conversation die out because you're not there to keep it going!

●  Share other people's stuff: If someone tweets something that you think your followers would find interesting or useful, retweet or share their post on Facebook. This shows that you are paying attention to what is being said online--and gives them an incentive to follow back by showing their appreciation for your sharing their content on social media platforms such as Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc...

●  Use hashtags: Hashtags help people find your content more easily than searching keywords alone (like "bigger" for example).

Expand to all social media platforms.

●  Add a blog to your website.

●  Create a Facebook page for your business, and start posting content there regularly (don't forget to include links back to your site).

●  Join Twitter and start following people in the same industry as you, as well as influencers who could help promote or review products from your brand. Be sure to tweet about things that are relevant for both businesses and consumers--it's not just about selling!

●  Open up LinkedIn connections with other professionals who work in similar fields as yours; this will allow them access into what you do without feeling like they've been forced into anything by connecting with someone they don't know very well on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter (or even Snapchat).

Plan your social media strategy in advance.

Planning is the key to success. Planning allows you to see what works and what doesn't, so that you can adjust accordingly in the future.

It also helps keep your messaging consistent, which helps build credibility with your audience--and it makes things easier for everyone involved! If all of your posts are scheduled at different times of day (or even on different days), people will have trouble keeping up with them, because they'll be all over the place. On top of that, if each message has its own unique tone or style depending on who wrote it or where it came from (e.g., an employee vs an agency), then people might not know how seriously they should take these messages anymore--which could lead into some negative consequences down the line if things aren't handled properly."

Organic social posts are great for building followers, too.

Organic social posts are great for building followers, too.

If you're new to social media and need to build relationships with your audience, organic content is a good place to start. It's less pushy than paid ads, but still gets the word out about what you're selling or promoting.

Organic social posts can also help build trust with potential customers by showing them that you care about the same things they do--like puppies! Or kittens! Or pandas! Pandas are very popular right now so if there is one thing we have learned from this post it's that pandas are really great animals who deserve all of our attention at all times because they are just so cute and cuddly (and also delicious).

Paid advertising can help you grow faster than organic posts alone

Paid advertising can help you grow faster than organic posts alone

Paid ads allow you to reach a wider audience than organic posts alone a

Utilize; they can assist you in expanding your consumer base and building your brand.

Growth doesn't have to be hard work if you have the right strategies and systems in place!

Growth isn't a one-off process. It requires a plan and systems in place, as well as the right mindset and team to support the process.

You need to have the right tools to measure progress, too! You can't grow if you don't know where you are now or how far along in your journey of growth you are (or aren't). And finally, growth requires people who are willing to execute on those plans, systems, metrics and mindset shifts--the ones who want things like more subscribers or better engagement scores on their social media channels; more leads from their website; increased sales revenue...


If you're looking for a way to grow your social media presence, then these tips are for you. It doesn't matter if you're new or experienced with social media--these strategies will help anyone increase their audience size in no time at all. Remember: The key is consistency! If you want people to notice what they see from you on Facebook and Twitter, then post regularly (at least once per day) so that those networks don't forget about your account when deciding who gets promoted into their newsfeeds (and therefore seen by more people).