How to naturally grow your Instagram followers


If you're new to Instagram, it can be intimidating to see how quickly some accounts grow their followers. The truth is that following the tips below will help your account organically grow faster than if you do nothing at all.

Create your style

The first step to growing your Instagram following is creating a style that is unique to you. This will allow your followers and potential followers to identify with the images that they see in their feed, which makes them more likely to follow you back.

To do this, try using original photos instead of stock images and writing captions that are specific to the photo rather than generic or copied from somewhere else (e.g., "I love this shot!"). You can also use hashtags that are relevant for both your niche and location, so people looking at those tags will find yours easily enough! Finally, make sure all of these elements are cohesive by having consistent branding across all platforms—your bio should match up with any other social media accounts as well as any other materials (business cards, etc.).

Set goals

Set goals

●  What are your objectives? Are you trying to increase sales, build an audience, or simply get more followers?

●  How much time do you have available for this project? If it's just a few hours per week, then it might not be worth spending all of that time focusing on growing the number of followers on one account.

●  What are some realistic milestones that will keep me motivated and moving forward towards my ultimate goal?

Take care of your account

●  Complete your profile.

●  Keep it professional but friendly.

●  Make sure everything is consistent, from the font to the color scheme and even the location (if you're a business).

●  Update frequently with fresh content and make sure it's relevant to your audience—don't post just because you want more followers; post because this is what they want!

●  Be authentic in how you present yourself and what you share; don't try too hard or be fake just because someone told you that's what will work on Instagram. It won't! And finally...

●  Stay active by liking other people's posts, commenting on them when appropriate (and sharing them if applicable), responding quickly when someone reaches out via DM or direct message, etc. There are so many ways for us as human beings who care about each other enough to not only survive but thrive together through thick and thin times alike, so go out there and do something awesome today!

Quality content

●  You may have heard that quality content is the key to growing your Instagram following, and you'd be right. To get people interested in what you're posting, make sure it's relevant to them and their interests. If they're not interested in what you post, they won't follow or engage with it—and neither will anyone else!

○  Make sure that the content of each post is relevant to the audience of people who follow your account. For example, if all of your followers are runners who want advice on running gear, then posting about new running shoes isn't going to help them much (or attract new followers). If a user comes across one piece of content from an unfamiliar source and doesn't like it or find value in it, chances are good that person won't come back for more—especially if there are other options out there with similar interests but better quality posts.

Post frequently and strategically

●  Post at least once a day.

●  Post at different times of the day and on weekends, holidays, and events as well.

●  Use a scheduler to manage your content so that it's not all posted at once in a few days' time (this will get you unfollowed).

Hashtags, take advantage of instagram stories

Hashtags are a great way to reach new people. They can help you find new people to follow and grow your audience.

You want to use hashtags that are relevant to your content but not too popular or specific in nature (e.g., "dog" is too broad). A good rule of thumb is that if it doesn't make sense for someone who doesn't know anything about Instagram, it's probably not going to work out well.

Create a community, Interact with followers

To grow your Instagram followers, you need to create a community. The best way to do this is by interacting with the people who follow your account and asking them questions. You can also collaborate with other accounts that have similar content or create hashtags that will help people find your photos.


Instagram is a great way to build your business, but doing it right takes time and work. The best way to start is to create a style that fits your brand, set goals for how many followers you want and what kind of content will help you get there, take care of all aspects of your account, from your profile picture to your hashtags, and post often enough that people will see your posts when they come back online after being away from their computer or phone for a while, which means at least once a day. And why not use our SMM panel at