5 Ways to Watch YouTube Videos for 4,000 Hours More


YouTube is the second-most popular video platform in the world, with more than 1 billion users and billions of views every day. But when you watch YouTube videos, do you ever wonder how much time they're actually taking up? Well, here's some good news: according to my calculations (based on my own viewing habits), if you watch 4,000 hours of YouTube videos over a period of ten years—about one year per day—you'll end up watching more than 200 years' worth of content! That means that if you follow these simple tips for watching more YouTube videos without ever getting bored or frustrated by them:

Create evergreen content.

You should never talk down to your audience. If you do, they'll leave and find something better. Don't be afraid to be yourself when creating content—and don't be scared of making mistakes or asking questions if you don't know what the answer is!

Don't be afraid to share your own experiences with others, either! This can help demonstrate how something works for you and what kind of outcome it brings about (which could then inspire further questions from other users). It also gives viewers another angle from which they can approach the same topic; rather than just seeing one person's opinion on something, they're now able to see multiple perspectives on it in one place at once.

Do YouTube live streams

YouTube live streaming is a great way to add more content to your channel, but it’s also important that you be friendly, authentic, and open. Being yourself means being vulnerable, and if you aren’t being honest with yourself and others about what's going on in your life, how can anyone else be sure?

Being transparent is even more important than being open. If someone sees something they don't like or disagree with while watching one of your videos (for example, if they find out that an animal was harmed during filming), this can cause them to disengage from watching any future ones produced by you or anyone else for that matter!

The best way for viewers who want access to high-quality content without spending hours searching through all kinds of websites looking for something interesting enough for them to spend time watching

Upload videos consistently.

You need to upload videos regularly. It's that simple.

If you want to watch YouTube videos for 4,000 more hours over the course of your lifetime, then uploading a new video every week or two is a good way to do it. (And if you're not sure what type of content works best on YouTube, Start small by posting one or two new videos per week. Then increase the frequency as necessary based on how well your audience responds and how often they ask for more from you in social media comments or emails requesting updates about your channel's progress toward reaching this goal—or even just simply because they like watching what you've been doing lately!

Here are some tips for getting started:

●  Uploading relevant content will help keep viewers engaged longer than other types of content that don't necessarily relate directly back to specific topics discussed earlier during meetings between management teams, who may want everyone else offsite so they can discuss strategy without distractions.

Favor quantity over quality.

The first thing you should do is upload a lot of content. And by "a lot," we mean at least 10 times as much as you need for your viewers to get their money's worth.

The second thing you should do is upload low-quality content that is still entertaining, even though it doesn't look special or professional. like... the kind of videos people make when they're bored on their phone and want something quick and easy to watch while waiting for lunch at work.

Listen to the advice of your audience.

When you're creating content, it's important to listen. Listen to your audience and what they say about your video series, content, and brand.

●  If a viewer leaves a comment on YouTube, it's important that you respond quickly; otherwise, they'll think you don't care about their feedback. This is especially true if someone leaves a negative comment about why they stopped watching one of your videos in the first place!

●  Be sure to check out any recommendations made by other users as well as ratings and reviews left by other viewers (in addition to those who leave comments). You can also find out how many views each video has received via the analytics tools provided by YouTube itself.


We hope these tips have given you some helpful ideas for how to make your YouTube videos more watchable. Remember, the best way to understand what makes a great video is by watching others and listening to their advice. And why not let us help you with an SMM panel like urpanel.com?