The best methods to increase the number of subscribers to your channel on YouTube


If you're a YouTuber, you want your channel to grow and succeed. So, naturally, one of the best things you can do is get more subscribers. But how do you get those all-important YouTube views? Is it simply a matter of guessing what people want to watch? Well, no—it's actually much simpler than that! The truth is, there are certain things you can do to increase the number of subscribers on your channel in order to grow your audience. In this article, we'll be exploring six effective strategies for increasing the subscriber base on YouTube:

Promote your other videos.

Promote your other videos.

You can share your videos on social media, post them to other platforms, create a blog post that features them, or even create a playlist of all of your videos. If you're looking for an even more effective way to promote multiple videos at once, consider creating a promotional video that highlights what makes each one so good (and why it's worth watching).

Use your brand logo.

The use of your brand logo is a great way to create a sense of familiarity and trust with your subscribers. It's much easier for them to recognize your channel when they see it again and again, which can help increase engagement rates.

You should also consider using the same colors as your brand logo in any videos or thumbnails that you make so that people immediately know who created them. If you don't have one yet, you can use this tool from Canva that lets users create logos for free!

Reply to comments

When you respond to comments, it shows that you care about what your viewers think and want to know what they have to say. This will encourage them to engage with your channel more often and share their thoughts with others who might not have seen the original comment. Try replying once a week or so; if you're doing this more often than that, there's no need!

Create a power playlist.

When you create a playlist, you can use it to group videos together. For example, if I wanted to make a playlist called "fitness" that included all my videos about fitness and working out, I would simply drag those videos into the "fitness" playlist. Then, when people search for something related to fitness or working out on YouTube (like "how do I get fit?"), they will see my new playlist as an option in their search results.

This is great because it means that if someone watches one of your older videos on YouTube and really likes it, they can easily find other similar content by clicking through from your channel page or checking out your playlists!

You could also create playlists based on topics such as gender identity or race relations, so people searching for these terms will be able to find quality educational content when they come across your channel!

Optimize the description of your channel and videos.

●  Optimize the description of your channel and videos.

●  Add keywords to improve search results. This is especially important if you want to increase the number of subscribers from YouTube Search, because it's one of the most effective ways to get new viewers. You can use Google's Keyword Planner tool for free or pay for a subscription that gives access to more precise data about specific keywords (including those that have a high search volume).

●  Use a call-to-action in descriptions on both channels and individual videos: "subscribe," "like," "comment," etc., depending on what action you'd like people who view this video or channel to take next!

●  Add links back to other similar content so viewers can learn more about what interests them at another point in time (i.e., when they're ready). These could also include links pointing towards other social media profiles where users might want further interaction with content creators like yourself!

Post high-quality videos.

Post high-quality videos.

YouTube is a place to share your passion with the world, but it's also a business. If you want to make money from your channel and grow it into something more than just a hobby, then you need to post high-quality content as often as possible. This means offering something of value (i.e., useful information) in exchange for views, which will help boost subscriber growth over time and in turn increase revenue potential!

These methods will help you grow your subscriber base on YouTube!

These methods will help you grow your subscriber base on YouTube!

These are easy to implement, and they're effective. Anyone who wants to increase their subscriber count can use them, from beginners to experts.


In this article, we've discussed the best methods to increase your subscriber count on YouTube. If you want help building up followers for your channel (and managing them), then sign up with our SMM panel at  and get started!